Press – Updates

2017.10.17 Indie Project Updates

Decay (digital motion comic):  Still Image Panels for Part 01 were completed and are being prepared for motion effects.  Part 01 release scheduled for 11/22/2017

Into The Dark First Time Ghost Hunt:  In production and most of the footage has been filmed.  This also has a release date of 11/22/2017

Loose Ends:  A 4 to 5 minute short film. Script written.  Still in planning and pre-production. No scheduled date when this will go into production.

2015 Year End Update

Things got a bit busy toward end of Summer and right through Fall.

The When The Bell Tolls project is being reworked and reorganized.

But we are happy to announce that Decay is surprisingly in Production.

Links and logo will be updated by year end for Decay. The 30 minute animated short film is scheduled to be completed Spring of 2016. Exciting stuff!!

July 2015 Update

July 2015 Update

Social Media buttons were added to the website.  Twitter account created @OpaqueMedia The Indie Projects page got a new table to list out current projects and their status. The websites slider cards will be resized and updated before month end.

I am open to work with sponsors and business partners. For projects Decay and When the Bell Tolls always open for helpers, volunteers and team mates. Send an email to for information.