Beacon The Haunted Signals of the SKP Mansion Halloween 2017 Remaster

Released on Oct 31, 2017

Documentary Short Film/Art Piece on New England’s most haunted location. Featuring interviews with:
Marion Luoma – Caretaker
Ken & Memie Watson – Caretakers
MGHPS members Marc and Lauren – Paranormal Researchers / Salem Con
Joni Mayhan – Paranormal Researcher and Author
Narrated by Karon Smart.
Music by Skinbound
Titles and Animation by Randy Fortunato & Ben Potts.
Beacon: The Haunted Signals of the SKP Mansion ©2016 Opaque Media Respect my work and do not copy or distribute without written consent and permission. Enjoy this independent piece.
Note: This streaming version is rendered in 720HD for the full 1080 version inquire at
The remaster:
rendered in full 1080p
running time reduced by 5 minutes.
new footage added to better synch with stories.
redundant footage and images removed.
updated title effects.
©2017 Opaque Media & Randy Fortunato
All Rights Reserved