DECAY Issue 1 of 4

Released on Nov 22, 2017

DECAY Issue 1 of 4 (Motion Comic) Running Time: 4 minutes
DECAY is horror/thriller story. It focuses on how one family reacts to a serious virus outbreak. How the things we take for granted in life can “decay” all around us in an instant.
Issue 01 introduces the family and sets the story in motion.
DECAY was originally meant to be a live action film but was scaled back to a Motion Comic format to start with.
The additional challenge for Issue 01 was to launch the story in 4 minutes or less. Issues 2-4 will be double that to preserve story content.
There will be Tribute Easter Eggs in each of the 4 issues. Can you find them all?

To learn more about the characters and track the project go to the project diary page at:

Release Date: November 22nd 2017
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